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What to Include in a Sales Welcome Email


5 Tips To Create Great "B2B" Welcome Emails

Congratulations! Your new "B2B," or business-to-business, sales-email newsletter is a hit, and a growing number of subscribers are signing up every day. Don't drop the ball now! The first message you send them after registering, the welcome email, is critical to set the tone and lay the groundwork for a solid relationship... and future sale. Consistent Brand and Friendly Tone

With that in mind, here are some tips about what to include in a sales welcome email to make it shine: 

Keep your identity consistent. Your welcome email should have the same branding as your website so they know it's you.

Discuss the future. Remind them what you plan to send over the coming issues and outline what they'll learn.

Give easy access to downloads. If you used a lead magnet, perhaps a white paper or case study, to entice subscribers to join your mailing list, then make it easy for them to download without passwords or jumping through hoops.

Link to your social websites. This is a golden opportunity to ask new subscribers to join you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or wherever you are online. Build your community.

Ask how you can serve them. Go ahead and ask: What do they want to know? What are their challenges and hopes? Don't try to 'close' right away, you don't even know what they want yet!

An Example Sales Welcome Email

 Here is an example:

Hello Jim,

Welcome to the CloudLegend Inside View newsletter! In the coming weeks, we'll be sending you the latest inside scoop on cloud computing, big data, business intelligence and programming languages.

You'll also get periodic special offers, free reports and occasional software tools. With that in mind, here is the download link for your FREE white paper, "7 Things Every IT Manager Should Know About Micro-services." Simply right-click and select "Download" to save it to your computer.

I'd also like to encourage you to join us on our Facebook page and our "Cloud Computing Pros" LinkedIn group. We have some lively discussions, and you'll meet some great people in the industry.

I'm here to serve you any way I can. Let me know what you'd like to discover from the newsletter and what challenges you face in your business. You can contact me directly at


David Cloudkingston
Cloud Legend, Inc.

 PS. One last request — please put our newsletter on your email service's white list to ensure delivery of every issue.


Research shows it takes an average of SEVEN "touches" of your marketing message before a prospect buys your product or service. A strong welcome email builds a solid foundation for your sales-nurturing campaign to become a success. It's just the first date... don't try to cash in right away.


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