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“It’s a game,” the company’s top salesperson coached. “If you don’t close the deal, they win.”

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Every year, a small group of sales professionals close 125% or more of their assigned quota. A very small group. Usually only 15% of all salespeople.

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Google recently came out with a report on How People Use Their Devices (download the full report here.)

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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You trust your salespeople to run a good meeting. But what if they really don’t? What if the sale is lost –simply because your rep just isn’t saying or doing the right things?

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Ignite a more efficient sales process to deliver sales results that thrill your CEO Accuracy. Timeliness. Responsiveness. Not usually words that we associate with fast – moving, profitable and productive sales people. Yet these are the three keys to a competitive advantage that most Sales VP’s believe is their Holy Grail.

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Everyone gets angry from time to time, but how you manage your anger is easily spotted by customers. Excessive anger -- and the inability to calm down -- can throw you off your game, and of course, cause serious health conditions. Think back to the last sales call you had, when you were just on point and saying everything right. Were you slick and in a good mood, or red and fuming? It is...

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The hiring process for a sales rep isn't just an evaluation of the job seeker. As the person conducting the interview, you're also on the hot seat. The questions you ask and your ability to determine the true capabilities of the candidate will lead to one of three outcomes for your company: 1) The candidate is a great hire and contributes greatly to company success 2) The candidate is an...

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Ah, the sales discount. An age-old tool that sales teams have been using for eons to help drive client growth and revenues.For at least that long, sales reps have grappled with how to make discounts work for them. Discount too far, and you're hurting your company's bottom line. Don't bend far enough, and your competitors stand a chance of snatching your prospects out from under you.In an age...

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Did you know that only 13 percent of businesses believe that their lead generation strategies are "very successful"? If you're not feeling this kind of satisfaction, consider incorporating some of the following strategies into your mix. They might just contribute to the lead generation boost you're looking for!

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It’s no secret that your sales efforts, and the target audiences you're trying to reach, don’t always see eye to eye. This disconnect is quite common, regardless of the size of your business. Fortunately, there are several remedies to alleviate the miscommunication. So, for your consideration, here are five tips to leverage the relationships with your customers and restore the balance of sales...

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