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The Rollio Blog: Artificial Intelligence

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From the day you started your first sales job, you’ve been getting advice on what it takes to be a success. And everybody means well. But not all well-meaning advice is good advice. Some may actually be backfiring. Here are some words of wisdom that the successful salespeople have learned to ignore.

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You’re about to lose your sales team. Or at least their presence. The mobile workforce is on the rise and a significant number of companies expect that more than 75 percent of their staffs will be working remotely by 2020. And your sales team is ripe for this disruption.

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Every couple of years or so HubSpot updates its list of time management hacks for sales reps. Some of this advice is so time-tested, it could have worked back in the days of tickler files and Filofaxes, especially #4 on the list, Swallow the frog.

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8 Lead Response Secrets to Help You Win

Buyers today do their homework before they talk to a salesperson. If they reach out to

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On most sales teams, innovation is a loaded word. It drives an expectation that the time lost to learn a new technology will take away from time used to sell. And that the innovation won’t pay off in results. Yet there’s one type of innovation that sales teams embrace. And the ROI is palpable.

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We hear all the time that machines are getting smarter. Where once they were only capable of single repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence (or AI) lets them acquire knowledge and experience, “learn” and adapt. All this has created a lot of gloomy predictions. But the reality for B2B sales reps, is a bit more nuanced. The difference between intelligence and sapience.

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In this era of mobility, if you aren’t changing your sales process by leveraging new mobile-centric technologies, you are wasting time.

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