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“Is This Minnie Mouse?” How to Keep Costly Typos Out of Your Database

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It happens. The rep taking the lead turns his head and a letter from the contact’s name land in a different editable field. The sales engineer gets the record, shrugs and makes a call. It’s kind of funny. Minnie Mouse herself might laugh.

But this is a low-interest manifestation of a much bigger problem.

IBM says that bad data costs American businesses $3.1 trillion a year.[1] That includes the minute or so it takes the sales engineer to acknowledge the error and correct the record.

But what if that same distraction causes the rep to add an extra 0 to a 40-seat lead? Now the team’s in Keystone Cops mode, pulling out the big guns for a modest opportunity. And finance is seeing forecasts based on the 80% probability of a big deal closing in the next quarter.

Think of what that does to your share to the $3.1 trillion bad data cost.

The only sure way to eliminate typos is to eliminate typing.

That’s where Rollio comes in.

Rollio is the artificial intelligence platform that gives every rep a virtual assistant for Salesforce. In companies of all sizes, it’s proven to drive accurate data entry.

Reps talk to Rollio like they talk to a client, following a basic script but using their own words and personality. Rollio automatically updates Salesforce for them.

Forty goes into the record as 40, not 400. June goes into the record as June, not July. And when Rollio finishes the update (usually in a second or less), it asks the rep to check the record.

If the record’s right, the rep says, “yes.” If there’s a mistake, the rep can simply instruct Rollio to make the correction. If it’s easier, the rep can text Rollio the correction. (Yes, Rollio understands text as well as speech.) Either way, you get accurate data without the rep having to navigate Salesforce screens.

Click here for a free demo. Keep your Salesforce data accurate, and Minnie’s name correct.


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