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How AI Support Can Help Your Reps Sell More

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We hear all the time that machines are getting smarter. Where once they were only capable of single repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence (or AI) lets them acquire knowledge and experience, “learn” and adapt. All this has created a lot of gloomy predictions. But the reality for B2B sales reps, is a bit more nuanced.

The difference between intelligence and sapience.

As this column on points out, AI can give a machine intelligence, but it’s still a machine. It’s not sapient. More than knowledge and experience, sapience implies human understanding, insight and creativity.

AI has not yet reached the point where it can initiate and maintain a thought-provoking, persuasive conversation with a human being.

That’s where people still have the edge. The best B2B sales professionals are empathetic, persuasive, strategic and inventive. AI can free B2B sales professionals to have more time for the human interactions that ultimately drive results.

Letting AI do the grunt work of sales

In the B2B salesperson’s day, there are a lot of repetitive tasks that require intelligence, but not sapience. They leave the typical sales rep only about 33% of their time selling. Or, to put a dollar figure on it, you pay a rep about $100,000 a year and only get less than 3 hours of selling time each day.

Yet robots can be faster and better than humans at a lot of those tasks.  For instance, updating the CRM. Some reps over spend close to two hours a day navigating the screens, pull-down menus and other inputs in their CRM.

And that’s one job AI can do today. The platform is Rollio.

Rollio lives in the rep’s phones or web browser. Reps simply talk to Rollio the way they talk to a customer and Rollio updates the CRM. It’s been shown to reduce CRM input time by 50% or more. And companies that have deployed it report that they collect 3X as much data.

It lets AI do what AI does. And it gives sales more time to do what sales does: Generate revenue.

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