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Dreamforce ’16: Our Path Together


We love this Dreamforce keynote from Salesforce Chairman & CEO Marc Benioff – hitting the nail on the head with innovations that are changing the way we work. Central to it all? Supercharged mobility - optimizing productivity, making connections and empowering our teams to be Customer Trailblazers:

…just looking around San Francisco during Dreamforce, we see folks using their smartphones to hail a cab or unlock their hotel rooms. In this new world, people expect smart experiences in their daily lives. We’re truly living in the Age of the Customer, where every touchpoint is connected and intelligent. 

Missed out? For more details on all he announced, download the e-book version of Marc's Dreamforce '16 keynote.

How do you keep your sales teams connected and intelligent? At Rollio, our solution is to take the complexity out of your CRM by automating the update process. What used to take 30 minutes to update can now be done in less than 5 minutes. Without the need for training or timely updates, implementing a CRM is now as seamless as ever. For more information on what Rollio has to offer, check out our product or contact us.

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