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22 Ways to be a More Effective Sales Manager


Sam Parker over at has a simple way to help sales managers do their jobs better. He created a checklist. It specifies the 22 issues that should have your attention on a regular basis. They involve people, operations, external relationships and self-development.

Here’s the list. Go through it and you quickly realize that your job is never done.

Sam Parker’s Sales Manager’s Checklist 

  • Your people:
  • General periodic discussion & review
  • Goals & expectations understanding
  • Sales skill training
  • Motivation & inspiration
  • Knowledge training (product/ service/ industry)
  • Recruiting
  • Promotions/ new roles/ new positions
  • Performance reviews
  • Recognition

  • Operational Issues
  • Activity numbers
  • Sales numbers (revenue/ units/ margin)
  • Sales process review
  • Sales communication review & distribution
  • Before- and after-the-sale review (processes)
  • Lead generation
  • Removing barriers from sales efforts

  • External relationships
  • Top customer contact & review
  • Top competitor review
  • Top partner contact

  • Self-development
  • Management skills
  • Additional contributions

This isn’t a “check when done” kind of list. Every time you finish a task on this list, you have to get ready to do it again.

  • For instance, you always train on sales skills. No matter how many times you’ve reviewed a trial close, you still get better every time you practice and get feedback.

  • Sales process review is another job that never ends. You don’t want to be putting time and money against activities that no longer work. “We’ve always done it that way” doesn’t mean “That’s the way to do it.”

  • Right now, your reps probably spend an hour or more a day on data entry. Some may consider this could be one of those “barriers from sales efforts” you want to remove. It does nothing for customers and it takes time from meeting their quotas.

  • But your bosses need the data. And so do you.

  • Take 20 minutes to look at Rollio. Rollio uses artificial intelligence to replace manual data entry with simple verbal commands. Reps describe an activity and outcome in their own words and Rollio populates the fields

  • Your reps get more time to sell. And the info that goes into the CRM is more complete, accurate and timely.

  • With this, you can see where the real bottlenecks are. And you can put more of your talent to helping your reps break through.

    Demo Rollio today.

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